Dak Kopec holds a doctorate in Environmental Psychology, two master’s degrees (Architecture and Community Psychology), and an undergraduate degree in Health Sciences. He was a Visiting Professor at the University of Hawaii in Architecture and Medicine, Former Director of the Boston Architectural College’s Master of Design Studies in Design for Human Health, and he is currently a Professor in the School of Architecture at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.



Dak is certified as a Master’s level Health Education Specialist (MCHES) and an honorary Fellow of the American Society of Interior Designers. He specializes in health and well-being along with issues of social justice, equity, and inclusion.


As a two-time prize-winning author, Dak has authored several books, including four editions of Environmental Psychology for Design. He has written several chapters that have been included in edited books, including one on Trauma-Informed Design for the book Supporting and Educating Traumatized Students by Eric Rossen. Recently Dak has written a novel titled Broken Boys, which details the lives of young people coming to terms with situations and circumstances as they come to terms with their sexuality in the early 1990s.

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